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How Do Those Pesky French Stay So Slim????

How Do those Pesky French Stay So Slim?


How do they do it?????

How do those pesky French stay so slim compared to us Americans?  They’ve got their bagels, butter, cream cheese, croissants, chocolate mousse and  they still stay slim?  They’re over 30 pounds slimmer than Americans!  It’s not fair!   My health coach Rebecca was right — I think she stole some secrets from the French!  Maybe not.  But statistics do point out that French women are significantly slimmer than American women.  Admittedly, the French have a sensible approach to food and wellness which we can learn from. 

Here’s what the French seem to be doing different. 

  • Joie De Vivre
  • Fresh Food
  • Savor the Flavor
  • Water, Water, Water
  • Walk, Walk, Walk

 Joie De Vivre  is a French phrase for “joy of life”.  Enjoy today.  Be thankful and enjoy your food.  Enjoy conversation and your loved ones around you.  Live in the moment.   Enjoy your family and friends.   Joie de Vivre is exquisitely expressed in Tonya Leigh’s blog in 

Fresh Food  It used to be the norm in America that most people COOKED their dinner from fresh ingredients!  This used to be normal!  The French culture celebrates cooking, and farmers markets abound.  The French c ook from fresh ingredients and pile on the fruits and vegetables!  So many nutrients and vitamins are found in fresh food, and a colorful plate is a feast for the eyes as well as palate!

Savor the Flavor  Don’t eat like a dog!  Eat like a cat!  They eat much slower than dogs.  Dogs scarf their food down in one minute flat!  Slowww down!  My health coach stresses this point, and it works!  Eating while stressed can easily pack on pounds.  Instead of driving through a fast food chain, sit down for a meal.  It’s okay to enjoy rich foods — but trim the portions and savor the flavor!  The French also love to socialize while eating.  There’s no reason we can’t do the same!  Here’s another fun blog,, about slowing down and eating the French way. 


DON’T EAT LIKE A DOG!  (courtesy via GIPHY)








Water, Water, Water  The French are big into drinking water.  It’s great for the skin, and cleansing the body.  So big in fact, that Paris has installed public sparkling water fountains throughout the city!  That’s right!  Part of the reasoning is to go green and discourage water bottle drinks which create plastic waste.  Of course you can get a pretty, stainless steel bottle to refill throughout the day.  And here’s a challenge for Roanoke — why not be the first American city to go green and install public SPARKLING WATER FOUNTAINS all over the city?  If there’s room for several breweries, how about making room for several sparkling water fountains?  What better way to enjoy spring mountain  water?  It would enhance all those food festivals, bike rentals, scooter rentals and outdoor activities!

Walk, Walk, Walk  Walking is an activity that can be done anywhere!  Of course, some locations are more pleasant for walking than others.  Roanoke is a city which has several pleasant areas for walking, as well as hiking trails.  In many European cities, there is less reliance on automobiles, and walking and public transportation are more the norm.  With the gentrification of many American cities, it makes sense to create sidewalks and areas which foster foot travel and public transportation.   America also has the advantage of many parks and recreational areas which are perfect for enjoying a quiet moment in nature. 


Apparently, the topic of French women eating and staying thin has been explored before!  Here are some books pertaining to this topic.  Bon Appetit!



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