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ABOUT ROANOKE RAGSRoanoke Rags is an American clothing company specializing in handcrafted jackets.   Jackets are designed and crafted in the Blue Ridge Mountains.    Try one of our jackets and you’ll see how well they’re cut!   Quality, tailored clothing simply looks better on you!

Lindy is the founder and designer of Roanoke Rags.  She designs garments through draping and pattern making techniques.   She began sewing clothes at a young age.  Lindy enjoys 3-D puzzles, and brings this approach to designing garments.  Lindy has a bachelor of arts in fashion design.  She is also a musician and woodworker. 

The name “Roanoke Rags” is derived from the Indian word “roanoke” for shell money.  American Indians used wampum beads, to make roanoke.  The term “rags” is  simply industry jargon for denim or clothing. 

Our product is made in small batches or pre-order.  We use American and premium imported denim from Italy, Japan, and Turkey. 

Thank you for your support in bringing manufacturing jobs back to America.  It would be heartening to see the US textile industry regain the millions of jobs it lost in the last 50 years! 

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  1.  An idea is sketched on paper.
  2. Next, a pattern is developed from a basic pattern block (or sloper).   
  3. A test garment, or “toile”, is  made out of muslin.  The toile is checked for fit, and adjusted. 
  4. Draping is another technique used for designing.  Fabric is draped on a dress form to create a pattern. 
  5. Typically, a toile is revised a few times before the design is satisfactory.
  6. Next the pattern is sewn and cut out of fabric.  Fit adjustments are made.  
  7. Once a design is finalized, a hard copy of the pattern is made in oak tag paper, and graded into different sizes. 

Painstaking work is necessary to turn an idea into a well-tailored garment.  It’s very satisfying when an idea transforms into an aesthetic, well-tailored garment.  Conversely, it is frustrating when an idea doesn’t pan out, after much work.  The design process entails both the good and bad.  However, cutting corners in the design process results in bland or ill-fitting garments.  

At Roanoke Rags, we believe a well-crafted garment is worth the effort — pin pricks, toile and tears!  



Roanoke, Virginia is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.   Come visit!  Check out the Roanoke Star on Mill Mountain for a spectacular view of the city.  You can also visit Mill Mountain Zoo zoo, or transportation and art museums.  Roanoke hosts several festivals throughout the year and is the mountain biking capital of the eastern U.S.  There are many hiking trails, as well as the Appalachian trail.  The Roanoke area offers many different cuisines and breweries. Visit the following links for more information: